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With a working age population in the region of 75,000, and a particularly active workforce (79.8% being economically), Cheltenham has a rich pool of talent available whilst also attracting employees from a wide area.

The most recent figures estimate that there are 0.95 jobs for each working age resident, significantly higher than the national average. As a consequence, Cheltenham is an area of net in-commuting and a popular work location for people living across Gloucestershire and the wider region, although 77% of people both live and work in the town.

Cheltenham has an impressive qualifications profile, with a high proportion of workers (42.4%) holding a degree level qualification or above.

A rich long-term talent pipeline is supported by extensive cyber skills being taught in the local further and higher education institutions and through pioneering work in schools over many years. This feeds the well-established supply chain of global technology corporates in the area.


Cheltenham College

Cheltenham’s schools and academic institutions are widely regarded as amongst the very best in the country. 

We have an incredible choice of high performing state and independent schools. From the world-famous Cheltenham Ladies College to the outstanding Pate’s Grammar School and Balcarras Academy there are a lot of options for families. Cheltenham is also home to several of the University of Gloucestershire and Gloucestershire College campuses.

Cheltenham is also within 75mins drive of 19 universities and is nestled in the centre of innovation and talent hotspots Oxford, Warwick, Bristol, Cardiff, Bath and Birmingham.

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