The Brewery Quarter Cheltenham at dusk
The Brewery Quarter Cheltenham at dusk

Cheltenham economic advisory board

The Cheltenham Economic Advisory Board (CEAB) is sponsored and hosted by Cheltenham Borough Council.  Members, all of whom are business leaders from across the town, have volunteered their time to drive the economic agenda for the town with a focus on:

  • key economic sectors
  • culture
  • education
  • sustainability

The CEAB will act as an expert leadership body that guides and supports the council, and members will provide timely, relevant and expert external advice on specific economy-related matters. The Board will identify challenges and opportunities for Cheltenham’s economy and help it to thrive through consultation and conversation with the wider business community. CEAB will help to stimulate inward investment and strengthen the town’s resilience to future challenges in an ever changing world.

Cheltenham Economic Advisory Board
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