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Start and Grow Enterprise has launched phase 2 of their support programme, helping freelancers, entrepreneurs, and new businesses in Gloucestershire to start and grow.

Grow your new business, or launch your big idea

Since the programme first began in 2017, it has supported over 600 ambitious entrepreneurs in Gloucestershire to start businesses, solidify plans, and take their companies from budding to booming.

From the start of the millennium, the number of entrepreneurs, freelancers, contractors and self-starters has risen by more than 45%. Now, 15% of the working population are calling themselves boss. It gives them freedom, flexibility and unlimited financial potential. But it’s not an easy ride.

Start and Grow Enterprise is here to help. Everything offered through the programme is free of charge, helping business to succeed in Gloucestershire. Start and Grow Enterprise is a University of Gloucestershire programme, part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund, and will run until 31st March 2023.

This support is available to people in Gloucestershire with an idea for a business, or freelancers and business owners who are in the early stages of running their venture.

“Although we are building on a successful 3-year programme, it is arguably this second 3-year Phase that is the most important. We believe that the economic recovery will be largely driven by the entrepreneurs, whose resilience and creativity are legendary. We have assembled a team of experienced and gifted individuals whose aim, like ours, is to help dreams turn into reality, and make those dreams even bigger!” Charles Dodwell, Programme Manager.

As part of the new programme, business owners benefit from a business diagnostic process; this is dedicated time with a member of the team to identify where their business challenges lie. The information is then used to create a bespoke support plan for the business. Business owners can also access 3 hours of 1-2-1 coaching to help them take their business to the next level, and they get the chance to apply for a £1,000 cash grant to invest in the business.

Hundreds of entrepreneurs in Gloucestershire have already benefitted from this comprehensive support package. Here’s what previous clients say:

“This is a fantastic resource for start-ups in the county. I received a clear structure to move my business forward, I could see my ideas growing on the page. I feel very lucky to have been able to access the programme”

“I recommend Start and Grow Enterprise to anyone I can. The help, resources and support are amazing. The support has been invaluable. Thank you Start and Grow Enterprise”

To join this community of like-minded entrepreneurs, and get started with our support, simply sign up on the website:

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