Artists Impression of part of the cyber central campus
Artists Impression of part of the cyber central campus

Golden Valley Development careers video inspires people to enter the cyber sector

Today (Tuesday 23rd August), the Golden Valley Development unveiled their latest careers video, which aims to inspire local people to enter the burgeoning cyber sector.

Featuring a wide range of representatives from Cheltenham’s ecosystem, from students to leading figures in cyber, the collective aims to promote diversity in the sector to help make it more accessible to people regardless of age, gender and background. The video also examines the role of the Golden Valley Development and the National Cyber Innovation Centre in making this possible as the future home to the UK’s cyber innovation.

The development will create 12,000 new jobs in various sectors and up to 3,700 new homes, giving local people opportunities at their doorsteps whilst also attracting new people and businesses to the area.

It brings together local government, organisations, schools and colleges to create the chance for people to learn the skills required for a career in cyber and digital, helping to address the national skills shortage. Going beyond careers for young people, with opportunities to retrain and learn new skills at any age.

The video also explores the meaning of cyber, the national significance of the project and why Cheltenham has been chosen as the home for this innovation.

Artists Impression of part of the cyber central campus
Artists Impression of the completed Cyber Central Campus

Gloucestershire has a cyber concentration that is six times the national average and Cheltenham has 11 times the same amount, the highest of anywhere outside of London. With the development set to be located opposite GCHQ in West Cheltenham and alongside institutions such as Hub8 and CyNam, the town already has a cyber-ready infrastructure like no other.

Commenting on this new video, Cllr. Mike Collins, Cabinet Member Cyber, Regeneration and Commercial Income, said: “The Golden Valley Development will create opportunities for people from Cheltenham and across Gloucestershire, making the cyber sector more accessible than ever before. This new video emphasises the diversity of the ecosystem here in Gloucestershire, where anyone can learn new skills and connect with leading people in the industry.”

He added: “Whether you are a business, a young person leaving school or college, or someone looking to retrain, we believe that this project will provide unique opportunities and a reason to stay in Gloucestershire.”

Taken from the video, Councillor Victoria Atherstone, Cheltenham Borough Council’s Cabinet Member for Housing, commented:

“[It will generate] an ecosystem of not just jobs in cyber, but all the support services that need to go around that. It’s going to create loads of jobs not just for young people, but for young professionals and those with lots and lots of experience.”

Click here to learn more about the contractors signed on to develop the first phase of the cyber central campus, or visit the Golden Valley Development website for all the latest news and updates. 

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